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Planned giving is essentially a deferred gift, a bequest in your will or trust that is given after your lifetime. 
Planned gifts include:

  • Making a bequest to All Saints’ Day School in your will
  • Making All Saints’ Day School the beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy
  • Creating a charitable gift annuity
  • Creating a charitable trust
  • Making a gift of real estate or other tangible property 
A planned gift has several immediate benefits, most importantly, providing peace of mind for your life now while knowing you will leave a legacy: 

  • You are stating an intention to give, but the gift is not given now, providing you with access to your assets for as long as you need. 
  • With all the twists and turns that come with life and family, a bequest is not binding. This provides you with the flexibility to make changes if circumstances change. 
  • If you don’t know the size of your estate, you can leave a percentage amount, thus providing for your loved ones as well as All Saints’ Day School.