Physical Education

The All Saints' Physical Education program is based on the goal that all students will learn the correlation between regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  
The program focuses on a developmentally appropriate, sequential learning curriculum, that allows students to acquire the skills, knowledge, self-awareness, motivation, and confidence to achieve this goal.

In the lower grades, movement education is the foundation. Students explore the relationship of their bodies and space through sequencing and object manipulation. The use and study of force, time, speed and frequency are applied to a variety of tasks. Students transition into cooperative efforts with partners through challenges, observations, and assessment by both peers and teachers. Students demonstrate critical thinking skills as they practice these skills. Problem-solving is demonstrated in terms of game strategies, social interactions and decision making which becomes a greater part of the middle school content as students learn to work toward common goals.
All students in ECC through 8th grade participate in physical activity. 1st through 8th graders meet four to five times per week for periods ranging from thirty to forty-five minutes.

Middle School students also have the opportunity to additionally compete in our inter-scholastic athletic program to further develop their skills in basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, and tennis.

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