Head's Welcome

Welcome to the website of All Saints Day School, a center of excellence on the Monterey Peninsula. We are driven by a singular purpose: to provide each child in our care a truly transformative experience as he or she strives to attain his or her highest potential. Our school community is modeled on concentric circles with our students resting in the innermost circle. Surrounding them are the circles for faculty, staff, parents, Board of Trustees and volunteers, alumni and friends. Each of these significant groups of people are dedicated to improving the lives of the children entrusted to our care; all collaborating to embrace the opportunity, to celebrate excellence, and to promote joy among those who are part of the All Saints’ experience.
All Saints students are scholars, stewards of the environment, performers, players, poets, problem-solvers and so much more. Above all else, they are young people of character who share a desire for excellence in all they undertake. Exceedingly well-prepared, our graduates go on to find great success at a range of independent and non-independent secondary schools and beyond.
A professional community of faculty, staff and administrators stands conspicuously beside and behind each child to ensure he or she is known, nurtured and loved. At All Saints’ we are not beholden to the latest educational trends or fads. A carefully constructed curriculum purposefully educates the whole child by nurturing his or her intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical development. A feeling of positive energy, inclusiveness, optimism, respect, and kindness permeates our campus.
Of course, a website cannot do justice to the day-to-day experience at All Saints. I hope you will be intrigued by what you see and want to learn more about what it is like being here. I extend a warm welcome to you to come and spend time with us. We look forward to the opportunity to host you here for a tour and share with you our own personal connections to All Saints. To learn more about what sets our school apart, please contact our office of admission at admissions@asds.org or call 831-624-9171, extension 12.

Kind regards,

Hugh Jebson
Head of School

Hugh Jebson's Background

Hugh Aidan Robert Jebson is in his twenty-fifth year of service to education, including fifteen years of operational experience as a senior administrator and school leader. Throughout his career, Hugh has retained direct contact with students as a teacher of history, advisor, and coach. A first generation immigrant to the United States, he began his teaching career in England and has served a number of elite day and boarding schools there and in the United States. He is a teaching fellow of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, has been published widely, and has presented to numerous regional and national independent school conferences on a range of topics, including student safety, academic leadership and faculty evaluation.