Welcome to the Art Gallery of the Early Childhood Youngers

EC Youngers have been working on their very first Artist study, learning about Vincent Van Gogh. They began our study by having students formulate questions arising from their curiosity about him as both an individual and as an artist. Their queries included the following: What is known about his family? Was he married? Did he have children? How many paintings did he create? When was his birthday? Is he still alive today? Throughout weeks of research via literature and videos, they have learned a substantial amount! They all enjoyed studying the paintings in detail and forming personal opinions, feelings, and conclusions. They learned about the painting technique that was inspired by him, called impasto, which means “thrice” a thick style of painting like paste. Vincent expressed his emotions through his strokes. They were inspired by his work, Sunflower because it reflects a time when he began to use bright colors in his paintings. After reading a book called Camille and the Sunflowers they learned more about who he was as an artist. They began this project by practicing the impasto technique, as well as viewing the sunflower paintings and then discussing everything. Afterwards, we sketched a basic outline with pencil and then began painting pieces on our canvas. 

As an ending collaborative project, the students decided on the art project Starry Night not only because they were most familiar with the painting but they all loved the movement that it expressed. It provoked many emotions and comments. Some comments made by the children when describing the painting said it to be a “very windy night”  Tynan and Gracie remarked “It looks so real!”, Tilden and Bode thought the sky looked like the ocean, and “it was a night of shooting stars," stated Zoe.
They all fell in love with this painting and wanted to re-create it together. “The teamwork makes the dream work” as James says and they did make this dream come true together.

This piece will be hanging permanently in the Early Childhood building for all to see when they visit. Our Pre-K students & Mrs. McKechnie are very proud of what they learned through this artist study and what they accomplished together.