We are delighted to welcome you to the 2021 Spring Tea, our annual art performance, as a treat from our students to their parents!

Under normal circumstances, we would gather in our gym, beautifully decorated with spring flowers, with delectable treats, and of course a selection of hot & cold teas waiting for us, and our students eagerly awaiting their turn at performing for their guests. The lower and upper grade hallways and library, would be lined with artworks by our students, ready to be admired by parents and friends.

Well, this year, our celebration had to look a little different! Our students accepted the challenge, got creative, and created a new way to perform for families and friends.

They recorded a special song, performed by our entire student body,  socially distanced, and artfully arranged by our Music Director, Andrew Marine. We hope you will enjoy their inspired performance!

And our Art Teacher, Kim Raisbeck worked with our students creating pieces to be shown in our first-ever online art show. Each class is showing their artworks in their own gallery and each student is showing their masterpiece. 

We invite you to peruse the galleries and enjoy our students' work.