Buddy Programs

Buddy Family Program

New families are welcomed into the All Saint’s school community and supported throughout the year through an established Buddy Family program, which is coordinated by the School and the Parents’ Organization. The Buddy Family program helps new families transition into the community by being a welcoming source of support.

Big 'n Little Brothers & Sisters Program

The Big & Little Brother-Sister Program is a long-standing and beloved All Saints' tradition based on the belief that community building occurs through strong relationships between upper and lower grade students. This program fosters the spirit of mutual respect, trust and support that is emphasized at All Saints’.
Each year, older students are paired with younger ones, providing the elders many opportunities for role modeling and the demonstration of leadership, patience, compassion and respect for their little brother or sister. In turn, the younger students enjoy having a special big brother or sister to look up to and interact with on campus. These warm relationships are treasured by the students and there are many opportunities to bond and create memorable moments when they share in activities such as attending morning chapel together and hunting for Easter eggs!
Throughout my nine years at All Saints’, I have learned many skills. I have learned subjects like math, English and history. But I have also learned how to be a good friend and a great role model, thanks to my "little brother", Pierce.
 - Kameron, class of 2010